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"Now You Can Easily Have a Professional Website That’s Guaranteed to Sell Your Products or Services…and For a Price That Certainly Won’t Break The Bank!

"No Matter What Product or Service You Have To Sell – We Will Make It Possible For You To Afford A Top Of The Range Website For Less Money Than You’d Normally Pay For A Box Of Promotional Leaflets!

many times have you thought, “If only I could afford a half decent website, one that would do justice to my products and company branding, one that looks as good as those professional sites the big companies have.” That would surely be the most satisfying way to tell the world…”We’re here – buy our products/services!

”Well, here at Webpromota we quickly realised that this type of site is usually out of the reach of most businesses, organisations and individuals, so we decided to do something about it! We believe what we’ve come up with is ‘the most unique website offer around today.

’A bold statement…true…

Webpromota will impress you with the fact that the website we build for you is NOT one of those amateur-looking websites - It's an attention-grabbing, fully integrated web site that is packed full of breathtaking technological features that will put you streets ahead of your competitors…check them out for yourself…

o Multiple web pages - Created to impress. We provide a Header, and can add all or some of the following pages: Homepage, About us, Contact, Services, Articles, Links, Privacy Statement and Site Map.

o Meta tags – Meta Tags or Meta Data as it is more commonly called, is the information that is usually stored in the header section of a web page. We will always ensure this area is correctly set-up to ensure complete success when published.

o Keywords – These are generic keywords relating to your products, items, site etc. They are a fundamental part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), in other words getting yourself placed in the search engine rankings. For instance, when someone types in the words “web sites”, the search engine will normally display pages of web sites with these keywords on. The idea is to firstly get in the top 10 (page 1) and then obviously attain the highest ranking of number1! We routinely generate the keywords applicable to your specific area and apply them to each page of your web site during the build stage.

o Search Engine Optimization - We ensure your website is search engine optimized to rank well with the search engines – this fantastic design feature will assist in bringing almost immediate web traffic to your site.

o Link pages - Allowing you to link your site to other sites you may own or may be of interest to your customers. (When they have finished viewing the link they will be returned to your website!).

o Eye-catching pop-up windows - These slide into your website visitor's screen at exactly the moment you want your visitor to see it. We can set these to appear once a session, once per day or even once and never again. By setting them up in this fashion we help eliminate factors that can make pop-ups annoying to your customers, whilst still retaining their impact value. Please note: These pop-in windows are undetected by pop-up blockers.

o Google AdSense - The Google search engine is one of the largest in the world. They earn a percentage of money from the adverts that appear on the right hand side of their search engine results page. These are sponsored ads and are known as “Google AdWords”. The site owners place them in order to drive more traffic to their web sites. This works on a pay-per-click basis, with the advertiser paying Google each time someone clicks on the advert. Google will allow any approved site owner to put Google Ads on their site. The ads they allocate to your site will only ever relate to the subject matter of your own site. So, if your site is about gardening, the ads that appear will also be about gardening. Whenever a visitor to your site clicks on these ads, Google pays you a percentage of the original money they receive from their advertiser. This is called “Google Adsense”. In order toget this money making scheme on your site we will add the relevant code required by Google, and explain to you how to register. The rest is easy!

o PayPal ‘Buy Now’ Buttons – From our own experience, it’s not only easier but certainly a lot cheaper to use this option than one of the many web based large company credit card service providers. With a PayPal ‘Buy Now’ button, you can sell all your products and accept immediate payment through your very own FREE PayPal Business account. Their sales percentage fee is far less than most and they have some excellent anti-fraud systems in place. Webpromota will add PayPal ‘Buy Now’ buttons to each of your items, as requested.

o Contact page – This is not a must for a site but we do recommend you have one. It is polite to let your customers know who you are, what you are about and how to contact your business. We add this page as a matter of course. (We can even add the contact persons photo if required).

o Privacy statement - When you collect any type of data from your site about your visitors, we highly recommend placing a Privacy Statement on your site. We have a standard one which we incorporate to every site we build. Obviously, if you want your own, we can add that instead.

o Easy maintenance – We provide a service to carry out any changes to your site that you may require, whether that’s general details, changing offers, images or even site colours. This service costs £20.00 for a maximum of 3 changes per month. (Simply forward any required changes in writing) ( You only get charged if you request a change(s) - it is not a monthly fee!).

o Web publishing - Once built, we will upload your website to the Webpromota servers with our file transfer protocol (ftp) capabilities.

o FREE Initial Hosting service - Our package even includes the first 12 months hosting charges absolutely FREE of charge!Hosting service - At Webpromota we host all sites built by ourselves and provide you with 10,000Mb of web space and 50,000Mb of data transfer per month for a remarkably low annual fee of £75.00 (+ VAT). (Fee chargeable from month 13 onwards).

o FREE Web site management – We provide FREE management of your web site for its whole life cycle – this stops only when the site is taken offline.

o FREE submission to major search engines – When published we will submit your web site to at least 10 major search engines.

o Free Domain Name – We will provide free domain name registration for two years (.co.uk) or one year (.com etc).

o Free Email forwarding – We will provide free email forwarding with our hosting service.Simply click on the individual link below to view a sample web site previously created for one of our very satisfied customers:


Our easy set-up procedure for this fantastic package is very simple, we initially provide an easy, but informative design questionaire for you to complete. This will either be sent by email or by post. This covers the various information areas needed to proceed with your site as follows:

§ Basic colours required
§ Content for each page (In word)
§ Written information needed
§ Images for each page
§ Testimonials from customers
§ Contact details
§ Special Offers etc
§ Google AdSense information (If required)
§ PayPal account application procedure (If required)

Once completed, we begin the build process and keep you fully informed about every detail.

How long will it take to build our Web Site?
Webpromota work to a 28 day rule…we like to complete all sites, (subject to various customer approvals and the timely supply of all requested information), within 28 working days!

What’s the cost of my Silver Website Package?
Well, let’s start by doing some math – If you decided to advertise a small part of your business or a few of your products with say, 1,000 A4 size Flyers, with added design work and delivery charges - you are probably looking at a price somewhere in the region of over £300+.

Webpromota can provide you with a fully functional, professional website which includes:

· Multiple web pages
· Meta Tags· Generic Keywords relating to your site content
· Built-in Search Engine Optimization
· Traffic generating links
· Pop-ups to reinforce marketing messages
· Google AdSense capability
· PayPal ‘Buy Now’ buttons for each item
· Contact details page
· Privacy statement page
· Easy maintenance
· FREE hosting service for first 12 months
· File Transfer Protocol
· 10,000Mb Web space
· 50,000Mb monthly Data transfer
· FREE web site management

I don't have to tell you that it's worth every penny for all the website profits you could potentially make. Additionally, you not only get a fully functional, search engine optimized website, but we also throw-in 12 months
free hosting, free domain registration, free email forwarding and free search engine submission!

So, at only
£295.00ea (+ VAT), you are getting a real & tangible bargain!

For now, you have a choice to make:

You can either...
Go elsewhere -- and possibly pay more for one homepage than the whole website we are offering you -- not including all the add-ons on offer to you free of charge!

or you could...

...Get our Silver website package and earn the kind of website profits you want to make right now!

Make the right choice and order your website this very minute.


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